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Dual Reflective Ceramic Series For Home & Commercial Glass

The Designers’ Choice for Beauty and Performance

Dual Reflective Ceramic Series window films use today’s most advanced metallizing technology with ceramic to create high quality products with outstanding performance characteristics and unsurpassed beauty. These innovative films provide a subtle, tasteful appearance that’s ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Choose from a full range of solar energy performance options
  • Available in widths from 36″ up to 72″ which means no splicing on most glass
  • A durable scratch resistant hard coat is standard on all Dual Reflective films
  • Perfect when high performance is desired with a barely noticeable look
  • Higher VLT options work well for retail storefront applications
  • All versions well suited for various residential and commercial applications
  • Highest quality window films available
  • Tinters will have an easier time installation DR films due to the dry adhesive used (DA).

Dual Reflective Ceramic films designed to reduce inside reflectivity, which provides better views at night. DR combines beauty with high levels of solar heat rejection. The lighter shades of DR (35% & 45%) provides consistent color values whether you’re looking in or looking out and is preferred by designer and architects for its neutral appearance. Outstanding solar control is offered to reduce heating and fading, add privacy and enhance the building’s appearance; all at exceptional value.

All of TintDepot’s home tints, commercial films and car window films reject 99% of the harmful Ultraviolet rays (UV).

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