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September 2023 Shatters Heat Records Around The World!

Last September is being reported as the hottest on record on the planet (for September).  If you are still having warm temperatures like Texas folk or want to plan for the next boiling hot summer, invest in heat rejecting window film for your home, office and vehicle. Ceramic window films and metalized films stop the sun’s heat from penetrating through your windows and making everything hot inside. By applying film, your HVAC, air conditioner, will work much more effectively in keeping you cooler inside and you’ll get lower a/c bills due to more efficient a/c. Home tint reduces and eliminates many hot spots in offices and homes due to the sun’s rays; so no more fighting inside the office on trying to cool one side of the hot building while the opposite side feels like the cold artic (due to hot spots.)

Besides blocking the hot sun’s rays, window film will also stop 99.9% of the ultraviolet light from damaging your valuables inside. Forty percent of fading is due to UV rays (which window film blocks) and another twenty-five percent is due to visible light (which window film can reduce) and another twenty-five percent is due to solar heat (which films reduce) and ten percent is miscellaneous like dye quality, humidity & artificial lighting.

Let’s take a look at the weather around the world in September 2023.

  • September being the fourth consecutive month breaking records in 2023 with extreme heat
  • Sept 2023 broke the prior record set in 2020 by 1 degree F. Does anyone see a trend here?
  • Texas was boiling hot
  • Arizona saw record hot days
  • Midwest was warm
  • Spain had a record hot month
  • Flooding in Greece, Libya, Bulgaria & Turkey
  • Huge record rainfall in NY
  • Wild fires in Canada and some countries in South America
  • Sea temperatures reached record hot levels of an average of 69’F. Most of the warming is happening in the water first, many scientists report
  • 2023 will probably be the hottest year on record, many are predicting

So what can individuals, counties, countries and regions do about this warming trend? Reduce pollution and add vegetation such as trees nad micro forests.  Micro forests will help reduce the urban heat effect in cities.  There is so much pavement and concrete, cities heat up. Trees will help reduce the heat effect and offer valuable shade to people around them and to cars parked under a big shady tree. Trees also help clean up our air and add beauty to the area; not to mention that can help reduce erosion & soak up runoff water. Other items everyone can do include:

  • Add window film to their homes, office & cars to reduce the amount of energy needed to cool those areas.
  • Add rooftop solar power
  • Buy an EV & e-bike
  • Convert dirty diesel polluting school buses to electric buses. Kids should not have to breathe dirty diesel exhaust when traveling back & forth to school. And neighbors will appreciate the reduction of nasty dirty exhaust.
  • Buy clean renewable power from your local utility
  • Have your community install micro-grids with solar PV
  • Encourage solar PV installation in community; especially over huge parking lots. PV can offer cars & trucks shade during the hot summer and supply free electricity to the local land owner. Agrivoltaics offer crops some shade to grow better & farmers an income stream
  • Deploy wind power
  • Deploy energy storage
  • Eat more fruits & vegetables to stay healthy
  • Use heat pumps to reduce electricity demand
  • Deploy geothermal power

What other ideas do you folks have for cleaner air to breathe for everyone?


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