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Tint Season, Good – Better – Best Lines of Film

Typical car tint season is about to begin. Is everyone ready?  Many tint shops use a good – better – best program. We suggest the following films to increase your profits and enhance your customers vehicles:

  • Good: NR X 2ply Films (Non Reflective Film)
  • Better: Carbon X Line of Films
  • Best: Ceramic Films

Carbon films reject more heat than non-reflective films.  And the Ceramic line of films will reject even more. Since each line of film uses different technology, the cost are different. Typically, you can charge 25%-50% more for Carbon (vs Non Reflective) and 2x or 3x more for Ceramic (vs Non Reflective).  The amount you can charge depends on the quality of installation and type of film used. Remember to educate your customers about the benefits of each line of film.  Contact us if you have any questions.


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