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Tint Season during Tax Refund Time, Part 1 – Tint Shop Marketing & Social Media

Are the Tint Shops ready for the beginning of the Tax Refund season?  If not, you better have the following ready before Feb 14:

  1. Tax Refund Season Marketing Plan; Part A – Social Media
  2. Tint Marketing; Part B – Search Engines
  3. Window Film Rolls & Tint Tools in Stock
  4. Support Staff Trained


1 – Marketing Plan, Part A – Social Media

When tax refunds start hitting, people like to get their cars tinted.  That is when “Car Tint Season” usually begins in the United States.  There is a big uptick during this period.  Therefore, you need to make sure the prospective customers in your area know how to find you. In decades past, people would use the Yellow Pages, “Word-of-Mouth”, and road store signs to find their local tint shop.  Today, prospective consumers use social media, search engines, “word of mouth” and road signs to find their local tinters.  So, having an excellent banner above your store is important.  Call you TintDepot customer service to learn more about the banners that we have in stock.  “Word of mouth” is having your customers recommend your shop.  Social media & “search engines” are the new marketing ways to let people know about your tinting services.

Social media… if you are between the ages of 15 to 25 you can probably tell this group where the hottest trends are in social media and where every tint shop should be listed.  We’re going to recommend that you list your shop & tint services on Facebook to start.  Create a Facebook business page and brag about your installation work.  Make sure that your telephone number and address are very clear so prospects can find you quickly & easily.  Take plenty of pictures of every car that you do & post them on line.  Ask your customers to “Like” your page and put up a picture of the happy customer.  If they don’t do this on their own, think of ways to “encourage them” to do so.  Maybe a free eye brow (after they post)?   Besides great photos of your tint jobs, add information for the customer of why they should install car tint & that there are “better” tints out there.  For example, you can talk about the standard Non-Reflective dyed window films (2ply) that will look great and give you the great look that they want.  However, if they want to stay cooler (and by default be cooler), they should upgrade to a high performance window film that rejects more heat.  If they want to be the coolest cat in town, they should go with the Ceramic Xtreme car films that reject much more heat than other films and look amazing on their car.  And with a life time warranty that includes never to fade purple, they will love the film for as long as they love their car.

Remind customers that all of your fantastic window films will reject 99% of the harmful UV rays to protect their skin and the skin of the family & friends, especially help protect the skin of their young children and babies.  As a cross sell, remind customers that there are home films that will reject the heat and reduce the glare from the sun.  They’ll be able to enjoy Sunday sports games without the annoying glare from the sun.  Window Film is an investment in their home the will pay dividends year after year in energy savings along with reduced fading and increased skin protections from the harmful effects of UV.

Along with Facebook you should be active on Instagram and bragging about your install pics.  Load up those cars.  Use before and after shots.  Let us know which social media tactics work best for you.  If we use your ideas, we’ll send you out a gift (tool package).  Send your social media ideas to

Later in the week, we’ll talk about Search Engine Best Techniques, Inventory & Trained Staff.

Remember, you only have a few days until the season starts getting a bit crazy, so call us up to order your stock of films & tint.

Happy Tinting!





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