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Reflective Window Film

Most common in business buildings, reflective window film is also used in residential properties for many reasons as well. Obviously, reflective window film provides an added sense of security and privacy, but it’s also a wonderful way to provide comfort and protection as well. There are so many benefits that many may overlook.

For those who want to maintain sunlight in their home, but keep out the excessive heat, reflective window film allows them to keep the blinds up and continue to let the light pour in. This is a very effective way to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or business.

Reflective window film was initially developed for the space program to combat solar heat and was later used in buildings to reduce costs associated with air conditioning. Over the years there have been many solutions to reduce costs related to heat gain from windows, but reflective window film has significantly reduced costs more than previous options. Generally, windows provide very little resistance against heat transfer and this can cause outrageous heating and cooling bills if a building has a lot of windows, but reflective window film can truly make a difference by bouncing the heat back to the source rather than letting it come through. In the winter, this will keep heat inside your home or business. In the summer, this will keep the heat from penetrating your home or business. It’s very effective and useful when reducing costs and just improving overall comfort. You will notice a significant difference with window film as opposed to windows without.

That is clearly one of the main reasons for using reflective window film, but privacy is a big factor as well. Since window film blocks the view inside your home or business while still allowing those on the inside to look outside, it provides you with plenty of privacy without needing to pull the blinds down or hide the sunlight behind curtains. This also provides added security since others can’t see inside. However, during the nighttime, you will still need blinds or curtains to maintain optimal privacy.

Reflective window film is generally installed on flat glass found in commercial and residential settings. Window film is often sold in solar bronze, silver grey, ceramic dual reflective, and neutral. The neutral option is reflective but not as much as the other options. Ceramic clear is a clear film that isn’t very reflective at all, whereas the lux option is somewhat reflective but still not much at all. The dual reflective film, on the other hand, is reflective on the outside, but not the inside.

Although most window film is going to help you regulate temperature, the more reflective the film, the better privacy you will have. Window film is also going to help you maintain your furniture and floor longer as you will not have to deal with the damage from the sun. It also makes television viewing so much better as you don’t have to deal with those pesky glares that come in through the window while watching.

Another important benefit to window film is that it protects against glass breakage and shattering due to its adhesive backing. If a window or glass covered in window film is broken, the film will prevent the impact from being as extreme as it would be without the added protection of the film. This means less injury if something were to happen. This could be anything from someone being pushed into a window accidentally or even a storm causing something to fall into your window.

There are many positives to reflective window film, including an enhanced visual appeal from the outside. They come in an array of colors and textural designs that can add a special accent to your home or business. This can be especially fun for business owners who want to dress things up a bit or homeowners who want something more unique.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of benefits to reflective window film from protection against harmful UV rays to lower energy bills. There’s no doubt that these helpful window films provide more than just privacy. They are wonderful for adding comfort and savings costs as well. This can be especially important for rental properties when owners pay the electric and heating bills and want to save costs as well. Or simply to help your tenants keep costs down and enjoy a space they would recommend to others.

Reflective window film is most commonly sought for businesses, but as you can see from the examples and benefits listed above, it’s also very useful and coveted for residential properties as well. All of us want to save energy costs, safeguard our furniture, protect ourselves from the sun’s damaging rays, reduce glares on our televisions, increase much-needed privacy, and minimize potential damage and injury from window breakage. Of course, we all want these things and that’s exactly why reflective window film is becoming more and more popular for homeowners as well.

Sunlight is a beautiful thing. We all enjoy fresh morning light in our lives, but too much of a good thing can become quite bothersome. Completely banishing the light with blinds and curtains can be too dark though. Sometimes we just want that lovely balance where the sun is still able to light our room without causing problems. Reflective window film is a great solution to this and many people often wish they had installed their film much sooner when they realize the benefits after installation.

If you’re in need of some extra privacy or simply have a plethora of windows that you love for the light—but don’t so much love for the utility bills—give reflective window film a try and reap the benefits of finding that balance between too much sun and too little sun.

Whether you are a homeowner, rental owner, or business owner, reflective window film can and will benefit you in many ways. Definitely a purchase you can make with confidence that the results will be worth it.

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