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Plotter Options To Cut PPF & Car Tint – Which Is The Right Choice For Your Tint Shop?

There are many advantages by adding a plotter with pattern cutting software to your Tint Shop and PPF installation bay, such as:

  • Cuts tint patterns quickly so that you can concentrate on prepping the car & installing the film
  • Helps to train new installers & makes them more productive faster
  • Plotter doesn’t show up to work late & doesn’t come to work hung over
  • Can cut out multiple patterns at once
  • Cuts that pattern the same way each time
  • Helps with getting dealership fleet cars out quickly
  • Utilizes car tint – less waste
  • Cutting PPF car patterns with a plotter saves a lot of time when installation Clear Bras
  • Enables you to add new income flow as a vinyl sign shop

What plotter options exist for your shop? (Below estimated prices are as of Aug 2023)

  • WorkHorse – 55″, 53″, 28″
    • Starting 28″ plotter price estimated at $1,099
      • The Workhorse cutter is your affordable plotter to get the cutting job right with a rich number of features for vinyl cutting, car tint patterns and Paint Protection Film templates.
  • Workhorse 2 64″, 55″
    • Staring 55″ plotter price estimated at $1,179
      • Upgrade your tintshop with the Workhorse-2 cutter with super accurate cuts, durable machine and day-to-day reliability. Your workhorse2 plotter won’t call in sick or with a hangover.
  • EcoCut – 53″
    • Starting 53″ plotter prices estimated at $2,199
      • This 53″ EcoCut machine keeps you under budget with the affordability. Good solid features that is nice on the purse strings. The frame of this plotter is sturdy and all the moving parts are metal. This is the affordable option for your vinyl sign shop.
  • Graphtec – 64″, 54″, 42″, 30″
    • Starting price for 30″ plotter estimated at $4,500
  • Jaguar – 72″, 62″ 40″
    • Starting 40″ Plotter price estimate $4,000
  • Mimaki -54″
    • Starting price estimated at $3,200
  • Roland – 62″ & 46″
    • 46″ plotter estimated price at $7,000

Remember, that a pattern cutting software is needed to go with the plotter.  FilmCut software has both Car Tint patterns & PPF patterns. Start letting the plotter and pattern software doing the heavy load of cutting car patterns. The FilmCut software is super easy to get started where you’ll be cutting tint patterns in a few minutes. And FilmCut software is very affordable so you can save more money. Test drive the software today.

FilmCut PPF pattern database is growing each day with more and more full PPF patterns showing up.  You can download the software & check out the patterns before paying your first month subscription. Play and see how easy it is to work with; when you’re ready to cut your pattern, get your key to cut.


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