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Mirror Window Film

Have you ever walked by a window and noticed your reflection on the window? That window most likely had mirror tint installed on it. In other words, reflective window film. This film is very popular for its heat rejection and privacy properties, along with its price.

Silver reflective architectural window film is the most common mirror film you will find. There are other films that are highly reflective as well, such as the dual reflective film (reflective on the outside, non-reflective on the inside). The silver reflective film is typically used for commercial windows, however, many homeowners choose this film for its privacy and heat rejection features.

The silver reflective window film has a high total solar energy rejection measurement of 84%(5% shade). This film will drastically improve the living conditions in your home by significantly reducing the amount of solar energy that would normally enter through your windows.

The darker the shade the harder it is for someone to look through.
If you install the 5% silver reflective film it will be impossible for someone to look through during the daytime. Silver reflective window film at 5% shade will essentially turn your window into a mirror. Please note that at nighttime this effect can reverse itself if there are no lights outside. To limit nighttime indoor reflectivity, consider buying the Dual Reflective film, or install lights outside.

How much does mirror window film cost?
The silver reflective window film is one of the least expensive architectural films on the market. We offer the film in 10ft, 50ft, and 100ft rolls. A 72″ x 100ft roll is 600 SQFT of film and costs $375. That’s $0.63 per square foot! pretty cheap, huh? You can tint a lot of windows with a 72″ x 100ft roll.

How do you install mirror window film?
Mirror window film is installed like any other architectural film.
Here is a quick summary of how to install window film on flat glass:

First, Measure the window and cut the film to the required size. Then, create a slip solution so that you can shift the film into place and activate the adhesive. We recommend Fusion All-Type mounting solution. After you create the soapy mixture, liberally spray it onto the window. Take the film and apply it to the glass. Use a squeegee to remove all the air bubbles. Start from the middle and work your way outwards.

We have more detailed installation instructions here:

If you want to be a pro at window film installation take the full course here:

This widely used mirror film has remarkable performance qualities and it’s moderately priced. If you would like for us to send you sample cards of the various shades we carry please send us a message with your shipping information and we will gladly send you a package with all of the information you need.

Please note about “One Way Mirror Effect”: To get a complete “one-way mirror”
1.) You need to have more light on the mirror side.
2.) Only buy the 5% and 15% Silver Reflective for the “Mirror Effect.”
3.) Put up a spotlight to shine on the reflective side.
4.) To increase the mirror effect, add another layer of 5% dyed film to reduce the reflective on the inside.

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