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The Many Benefits of Security Film for Windows

The security of your building is important and it’s necessary to do all you can in order to protect businesses and occupants from threat, danger, theft, and even natural disasters. A multi-dimensional security plan is imperative when providing the most protection possible and security film for windows is one of the most important additions one can consider when seeking optimal security and safety for their home or business.

Security film plays a crucial role in maintaining an overall sense of protection and defense against everything from natural disasters to theft. How? Well, security film not only allows you to add a tinted window so that passersby cannot see inside, but it also provides a barrier that keeps glass in place if it happens to be impacted (whether by someone intending to steal or a hurricane that knows no bounds).

When a window without security film is impacted it will completely shatter, but security film holds window glass in place and protects your business and/or the people inside.

Most of the time security film is going to be made of polyester (or PET films) which helps hold the glass in place. This is a very strong and resistant material that provides plenty of assurance. Security film can be found on everything from trains and vehicles to buildings and homes. They can be tinted but most often they are clear and smooth-coated with optimal clarity. You can’t even tell they are there.

Security films are not just used on windows to protect from theft or natural disasters, they are also used on glass doors or overhead glazing. Anything that causes a threat of potential injury is a good option for security film application, whether it’s a door, a window, a skylight, etc. Wherever you may desire a delayed forced entry, you can definitely benefit from the extra insurance that security film provides.

As you know, existing glass is not designed to resist force, whether that’s a brick or simply a windstorm blowing branches and debris into the window. This can happen unexpectedly causing danger to anyone within the vicinity, but there are also situations where someone could be pushed into a window or door which can be much more dangerous if the glass shatters without the protection security film provides. Say kids are playing around in front of your store and one pushes the other, shattering the window and harming anyone in the way. This can be devastating and easily prevented with the installation of security film.

If you own a building that has any place where glass could be a potential danger, it’s a good idea to err on the side of caution and install security film to ensure added protection. There are a variety of strengths to choose from depending on the size of the glass, location, and overall possibility of danger. You can also use safety film which is not as strong as security film, but the security film is definitely optimal when it comes to protection from vile storms, theft, and or any kind of extra forceful attack.

Our security film is optically clear, transparent, and designed with a high impact resistant polyester film. Not only do our high-quality security films provide the safety you need, they also provide a reduction of 99% of UV rays. There’s added strength, benefits when it comes to fewer UV rays, and all while maintaining an extremely clear window that appears as though nothing is on it.

Again, this security film can be used for storefronts, homes, businesses, and even vehicles. Many people forget that their vehicles could majorly benefit from security film and some are not even aware that it’s an option. Of course, we know that the storefront of a jewelry store needs that extra protection, but what about a vehicle? What if a branch falls into your window while driving? What if you’re parked on the side of the road during a storm and debris shatters the window? What if you’re in a minor accident that would’ve caused no injuries had the glass not shattered o a passenger? These scenarios happen all the time and are very unexpected, but with the added bonus of security film on your car window, you won’t have to worry about the glass shattering into your eyes or threatening your safety (or even that of your children in some cases).

There are so many ways to use security film to protect your home, business, or family from harm. Many more than we’ve listed here, but this should give you a good idea of just how much even the average person could benefit from the wide array of positives provided by security film. A one-time affordable payment could save you a lot of headaches, pain, and even money in the future. In some situations security film on your windows can be just as crucial as a fire alarm or burglary alter safety system, many people simply don’t realize it’s an option.

Now that you know, the benefits surely go without saying. Security film is without a doubt an extremely necessary addition that many people overlook simply because they aren’t aware of it being an option. Don’t allow yourself to get to that point where something goes wrong and you wish you’d installed the security film when you first discovered it. Take charge of your safety (or the safety of your business) and install security film before it’s too late. It’s a benefit you don’t want to miss out on.

There are plenty of pros and no cons at all when it comes to installing security film on your windows, so take advantage of the added insurance and purchase an affordable roll of security film as soon as possible. You will feel much more at ease knowing that dangerous areas of glass are protected against shattering, maintaining safety for your business, belongings, and most importantly, the lives of those who could potentially be injured. There’s nothing we enjoy more than being able to provide our customers with the ease of mind that comes with this added layer of protection on their windows.

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