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Heat Dome Hits The US

The headlines say, the United states is going to be roasted this week in a long scorching, dangerous heat wave during the first week of July.  July is normally the hottest month of the year in the US and for the rest of the world. Tinters, tell your customers and prospective customers how they can cool off during the heat wave:

  • Install a heat blocking window films on their cars, homes & offices.
  • Educate your customers how films reject heat
  • Get some good displays to help demonstrate how films reject heat & keep you cool during a heat wave and all summer long

TintDepot’s Dual Reflective films reject a lot of heat.  DR 5% blocks 82% of the heat from passing through the glass windows.  When evaluating films, always check the “TSER”.  TSER stands for Totla Solar Energy Rejection, this term will help you evaluate which film will keep you the coolest.  The higher the TSER number, the more heat is rejected (better).  Some examples are:

  • Film        TSER     VLT / Shade
  • DR 5%    82%        5% Shade –  Dark & Very Reflective on Outside at 65% (Interior Reflectivity – Low at 14%)
  • DR 15%  75%         15% Shade – Very Reflective Outside at 47%   (Interior Reflectivity – Low at 21%)
  • DR 25%  69%        23% Shade – Outside Reflective of 40%            (Interior Reflectivity – Low at 17%)
  • DR 35%  58%        35% Shade – Slight Outside Reflective of 25% (Interior Reflectivity – Low at 14%)
  • DR 45%  50%       45% Shade  – Very Slight Outside Reflective of 14% (Interior Reflectivity – Low at 13%)

Heat waves & “heat domes” are a good reminder to educate car owners & home owners how our products are an investment for their vehicles & homes.  Block the heat and stay cool with window film and tell people how films stop heat.





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