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Grow Your Tint Shop Business with New Services

You already have the traffic of customers coming into your shop, now offer them more services to protect their vehicle.  How do you add more services with minimal additional training and investments? TintDepot offers the Tint Shop a way to increase your sales with the following add-on services:

  • Anti Glare Rearview Mirror Film
  • Door Defense PPF Car Kits
  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Wheel Rim Guards
  • Residential & Commercial Window Film Installation
  • Anti-Virus Film Installation / Anti-Bacteria Films on Touch Displays

Anti-glare film for rearview mirrors

Buy one or a few Anti-Glare kits that only cost $25 each. The kit offers 3 pieces of Anti-glare film that reduces that annoying glare in the mirrors while driving at night.  The customer is already in the shop getting their car tinted, so offer them the protection from nighttime glare.


Door Defense PPF Kits

If you don’t have the extra bay (space) to offer full Paint Protection Film installation on a car, offer your customer the basic PPF protection on key areas that include.

    • Door Edge Guards – This PPF kit comes with a roll that is 5/8″ by 100′ long. This is enough to do 8-9 cars. 12″ of the door edge should be able to do (4) car doors at a cost of about $12 per vehicle.
    • Door Cup Guards
    • Door Sill Guard

By starting with our Door Defense kits, you can learn how PPF works and get paid doing it.  Door Edge guard installation is pretty straight forward and an easier installation area to work.  With the cost of PPF material being about $12 for 4 doors, you can charge 2x or 3x as much to give your customer protection for the door edges of their trucks & SUV’s. And you are learning the basics of PPF. Increase your skill level and you can start doing Door cup guards & door sill guards.

After working with Door Defense PPF Car kits, and you are ready to do more complicated installations, we offer PPF Training Courses in Houston, Texas and in the MidWest.  We can also do a private training course at your shop; it’s cost effective when you have (4) people that want to take the PPF course.  We can schedule to come to you. PPF is also known as Clear Bra. If you need a specific PPF car kit, contact the office or check out the exact kit online from FilmCut software patterns and pick the pattern that you want.  You can download the software directly and view the patterns available at no charge.  When (if) you want to cut out the pattern on your plotter, get an access key from the PlotterDepot folks.


Ceramic Coatings

Add car washing services and ceramic coatings to vehicles to increase traffic to your shop.  Sometimes a vehicle that comes into the shop is very dirty and you can’t start tinting that car until the vehicle is clean (to avoid debris in your installation).  Offer (insist) on cleaning the vehicle first.  Then protect the finish on their car with a ceramic coating.


Wheel Rim Guards

If a customer has some nice, expensive rims, offer them the opportunity to protect them with Wheel Rim Guards. Enough the drive that might accidently hit the curb a bit more often than others?  Well, offer them the Rim guards in case their spouse, friend or child happens to drive their car and they aren’t as careful. How much does a new Rim cost? The rim guard kit is just a fraction of that cost.


Residential & Commercial Window Film Installations

You are well know for your quality car tint installation services and customers come back to you so that they can stay cool in the car and look great. Educate your clients that if the like what tint does for their car to stay cool, residential film will keep them cooler in their home and save them money on their a/c bill.  Home tint isn’t a cost, it’s an investment to save money year after year on expensive electricity bills. Put out a display on your counter about residential films and let them know that the dual reflective ceramic films can block upto 82% of the solar heat (TSER) from entering their home or office. And the residential films block 99% of the UV rays, to help protect against fading (learn more about fading here) and to protect their interior furnishings.

Schedule Home Tinting After Hours and pickup an extra paycheck. You can add an assistant and teach them how to prep the windows (clean everything very well) and then you can come in and install the film.


Anti-Virus Touch Display Film Installation / Anti-Bacteria Films

Grow your business by installing Anti-Bacteria & Anti-Virus film on touch screen displays & point of purchase touch screen devices. Gas station customers touch filling station displays all day long.  Install the anti-virus films on them. Other opportunities include hospitals, elevators, anywhere that has heavy customer flow.

Ideas to Improve Efficiency (and speed)

  • Add an assistant to prep the vehicles
  • Add a Plotter & Cutting Software Program



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