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Due to high demand 50ft rolls(automotive) are currently unavailable.


Car Tint Computer Plotter Systems To Cut Film & PPF

TintDepot now offers complete computer plotter systems that will cut the car pattern for both window film & Paint Protection Film (PPF.) New car patterns are updated weekly for both car tint & PPF.  The complete system includes the following:

  • Roland Plotter
  • Computer
  • Software for 12 months (1 year) for either:
    • Car Tint Pattern System
    • Paint Protection Film Kit System
  • Practice Roll of Window Film

How does the Plotter system work?

Car Tint Computer Cut Plotter System:

  • You will need internet access for the computer.
  • Log into the software system.
  • Pick the car brand, model, year and click.
  • Click on which windows you need to cut.
  • Customize the pattern (if you like to trim a bit, you can add a quarter of an inch).
  • Load the right shade of film into your system / VLT (Visible Light Transmittance).
  • Turn the plotter on, test the blade.
  • Cut your pattern.
  • Install the window film.

If you are working at a car dealership, you can pre-cut as many kits as you’ll need, then tint away.  You can also customize your patterns to add logos, wording, flames and designs.

If you are slammed at your tint shop & thinking of adding a new installer that does not have installation experience &  you want to speed up the cutting process of PPF and car tint, contact us for more information. Once you learn the system, you can cut very fast.  And your cutting system doesn’t show up late for work, doesn’t show up hungover and doesn’t call in sick  You can call us at 979-637-8223 and we can customize the right  Car Tint & PPF Computer Plotter system for your pattern cutting.

We can also acquire the “six pack” barrel chamber to you plotter system that was designed by Nick at Fusion A Plus.  You can load six rolls of film on your plotter and have them roll around like revolver. It’s very cool and efficient to keep you going as fast as possible.

PPF Updates:

If you are new to Paint Protection Film (PPF), this will be a great way to get started.  Besides the fantastic Plotter system, our new PPF self heals and does not require any heat to self heal.  It will heal at 70’F or out in the sun.

Next week we should get our first PPF kits in stock.  We’ll have mirror guard kits & car trim guard kits.  It will be a great way to practice with PPF without investing a lot of money.  Call us for more information: Phone: 979-637-8223

2023 PPF & Tint Cutting System Update:

TintDepot has partnered with PlotterDepot to offer you even better value (prices from March 2023):

    • New affordabke Workhorse 2 55″ plotters for only $2,199
    • FilmCut cutting pattern software only $99 per month: Tint Patterns or Paint Protection Patterns (both for $165)
      • Check out the system before paying, just click the download and play around with the software to see all the patterns.  When you want to cut, apply for the digital key, pay for a month and start cutting. No yearly contracts with this pattern software system.
    • Super Gloss PPF
    • Door Defense Paint Protection Film
      • Door Edge Guards
      • Door Handle Guards
      • Door Sill Guards


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