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Blackout Window Film

If you need 24/7 privacy, then look no further than TintDepot blackout privacy film. This decorative window film will block out all light transmittance( 0% VLT). This high-quality window film is 1.5 mil thick and has a 10-year residential warranty. You can install this film like any other flat glass film and the adhesive is very aggressive. Activate the adhesive with a soapy mixture or mounting solution.

You may be asking, why blackout window film?
Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider Blackout privacy film.

  • UV-Protection
  • Helps keep glass shards together
  • Helps separate rooms
  • Helps prevent scratches to glass
  • Adds a homogenous look to windows
  • Inexpensive
  • May reduce break-ins by hiding what’s on the other side

So what can you do with blackout window film?
Here are a few use case scenarios that we have encountered.

1. Convenience store privacy.
One of our customers installed the blackout window film on his behind the counter window that led to a small office. He didn’t want anyone, even his employees to be able to look into the back office. So he installed the blackout window film and was able to block the view into the backroom completely.

2. Restroom Privacy
We had someone inquire and purchase blackout window film for their bathroom windows. They wanted absolute privacy so we suggested blackout window film. We did make sure the windows were not facing the suns path. It’s important to note that if the window film is hit by the sun on a cool morning you run the risk of cracking the glass due to “Thermal Stress.” This particular customer’s window was facing south, and they’re from El Paso Texas. so there is the very little risk of thermal heat window fracture.

3. Business office privacy
We had a customer call us with some installation issues. He purchased the blackout window film to add total privacy to his business office he rented in an office building. There was a large interior window next to the entry door but he didn’t like the blinds the office building supplied. He wanted absolute privacy so he went with the blackout film.

4. Jewelry Store
A customer of TintDepot purchased blackout window film to add privacy to his retail store windows. He wanted to add a uniform look and also wanted to prevent anyone from looking in. The blackout film was exactly what he needed and kept prying eyes out.

Remember the Blackout film also has a solar (heat) absorbance of 64%, so be careful not to apply to glass facing direct sunlight since thermal stress can occur.

So there you go guys, four use case scenarios for blackout window film. If you are a professional installer look for opportunities to make a sell with this film. Many business owners and homeowners need this product but don’t know that it’s available.

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