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Bathroom Window Film

Do you have big windows in your bathroom and do you want to increase the level of privacy? Or maybe add some style to your bathroom shower doors? Well, then, you found the right place. Here at TintDepot, we have architectural and decorative window films that you could use to add privacy and style to your bathroom windows and glass.

If you want to add privacy to your bathroom windows to prevent someone from the outside looking in, we recommend the dual reflective window film. The dual reflective film is mainly used for solar heat control and privacy. This film is reflective on the outside and it is see through from the inside (low reflectivity.) It’s installed like any other flat glass film and it comes with a lifetime warranty for homes (ten year warranty for commercial & office installations.) Make sure to remember that if its dark outside and the lights are on inside people may be able to look in. If you add a light outside the window it will reflect off the film and impossible to look in at night.

Another option for an architectural window film that will add privacy and reflect heat is silver reflective window film. This is a less expensive window film that works perfectly at blocking heat. Also, it’s extremely reflective from the outside so it will essentially turn your windows into a mirror. However, the drawback is that at night it can be reflective on the inside when indoor lights are on & no lights are on outside (nighttime) and it will prevent you from looking out.

If you want to add style to your indoor windows and glass, then consider decorative window film. With the right film, you can significantly enhance the appearance of any bathroom. This is something you can do on your own with little knowledge of window film and flat glass installation.

There are a vast amount of decorative window films with various patterns and designs. You can find over 500 decorative film types such as colored, floral, frosted pattern, frosted colors, holiday-themed to name a few. The question is, which one is best for you?

To narrow it down let’s look at some of your options for decorative window film.

Frosted white matte window film is a very popular privacy film. Frosted window film is generally an opaque translucent film that is commonly used in bathrooms, conference rooms, office settings etc.
Many people trim the frost matte window film to create attractive, stylish patterns on the glass. We recommend that you call a professional window film installer to help you with any custom trimming for your film installation. The frosted white matte is available in 74% shade / VLT (Light Transparency.)

Blackout window film is perfect for 24/7 privacy. This film does not let any light through at all. You can use this film if you want to completely block out all light. As the name suggests, this film is jet black and has 0% VLT. This film is popular for its inexpensive price and privacy applications. For absolute privacy then consider blackout window film.

Whiteout window film is similar to blackout window film, except its white and it has an 8% VLT (Light Transparency.) The whiteout window film may be a better choice for residential windows as its aesthetically more appealing.

Another option for your indoor windows or glass is the smart film. The KDX electrochromic PDLC film allows you to switch from an white frost film to a transparent clear film with a click of a button. The PDLC film is powered by electricity so you will have to run wires in the walls or hide them with wire concealer.

The smart film is the perfect option for luxury bathrooms. Install this film on shower doors for instant privacy by hitting the switch (on a remote or wall). The polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) film is the latest in decorative window film technology.

The technology behind the PDLC film is absolutely amazing. Wondering how it works? To summarize, the film is a sandwich of two polyester sheets with liquid crystals in between. When electricity runs through the film, the molecules within the liquid crystals all change in a parallel fashion to one direction, thus allowing light to go through. When you cut the electricity off, the molecules change to random directions preventing the light from passing through.

Adding window film to your bathroom windows and glass is an easy way to add privacy and style. There are many options for you to choose from. If you’d like to save money, you can try installing it yourself. We have simple to follow installation instruction here:
However, if you don’t have the time to learn or are worried it may not come out as you expect then it’s probably best to leave it to the pros.  You can contact us to find a qualified window film installer in your area.

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