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Winter Season, Diversify With PPF

The winter season is approaching, now is the time to diversify your tint shop by adding new services such as PPF Door Defense program, paint protection film bulk installation and ceramic coatings.
Don’t forget to offer Christmas Gift Certificates for your customers to buy for their favorite car owner.

If you want to learn how to get into paint protection film installation, Tint Depot offers PPF installation classes, PPF kits, Door Defense PPF, installation tint tools and more. Contact TintDepot to find out when the next installation class is scheduled.  If you have 6 or more installers, we can come to you.

PPF and ceramic tint are perfect combination to add to your EV to keep it looking great. And here is an update to electric vehicles:

EV News Update

  • BYD launched EV’s in Mexico. The BYD Seal EV’s MSRP price tag is $31,000. Why can’t the US get $31,000 EV’s?
  • EV’s now make up 17% of all auto sales; the EV sales S-curve is starting to show.
  • Citroen e-c3 EV costs $25,000; however this EV is only available in Europe. At the same time, Stallantis claims CA auto law is hurting car sales in US. Why doesn’t Stallantis offer European designed EV’s for sale in the US?
  • Mazda has announced a new EV plan, they will have 7 or 8 EV’s by 2030, but nothing definitive at this point as they are not sure if there will be demand for EV’s. Mazda will be left out of the future car market without coming up with any EV’s to sell. There is a huge demand for a small zippy, well designed, affordable, sporty EV (like a miata EV); but nobody is making them yet.
  • Hyundai will introduce a $33,000 EV, the Kona EV SUV.
  • Tesla Update
    • Tesla has finally released the first batch of CyberTrucks on November 30, 2023.  The CyberTruck was introduced Nov 2019 starting at $39,9000. So that makes it 4 years for the first batch of “production.”  Bad news for reservation holders, the price for the electric truck is about $20,000 to $60,000 more expensive starting at $69,000. These electric trucks are going to use 48voly battery systems / electronics which will be a big change from the standard 12volts found in existing vehicles. Tesla claims it will require less wires.
    • Tesla says yet again that they will sue CyberTruck owners $50k that resell the CyberTruck. That doesn’t seem right!
    • Tesla claims that are working on a 25K EV, code name Model 2. But, they have been saying this for years. First to be developed at China design center & R&D center (hasn’t happened), then in Berlin GF (hasn’t happened), then in Mexico future GF (MX GF put on hold) and now at TX Gigafactory (haven’t seen anything). Maybe they will use a 48V system in their 25k Model 2.
    • Tesla Shanghai GF produced over 90,000 EV’s in November which is a record high.

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