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Window Film Dry Out Time In Winter?

When it gets cold out, we start getting more questions about how long does it take for window film to dry out?

The answer to the question is:  It depends!

The amount of time that it takes for window film to dry out depends on all the following:

  1. How cold is it outside?
  2. How cold is it inside the building (inside your car / garage)?
  3. Does the installad film get direct sunlight?  How many hours of sunlight?  Do the windows face North or South?
  4. Does your window film have CDA or PS adhesive (Clear Dry Adhesive or Pressure Sensitive Adhesive?
  5. What squeegee was used to install the film?
  6. How much water was squeegeed out?
  7. What shade of film did you install?

As you can see from the above, there are many variables to the dry out time.  The most important thing you can do to decrease the dry out time, is to use a handled squeegee, like the Fusion 8 Handle with a Flat Out Yellow Squeegee Blade and to get the maximum amount of water out.  The Fusion handle squeegee allows you to get more leverage, use more strength to get more water squeegeed out during the installation process. Of course, you start from the top of the window and work down.  Always let gravity work in your favor.

If water is left behind, it will take much, much longer to dry out.

If you have cold days, it will take longer to dry out.

If you have all shade or have cloudy days, it will take longer to dry out.

If your windows face the north, it will take longer to dry out (for the Northern Hemisphere, reverse that for the Southern Hemisphere.)

Standard film can take up to 30 days to dry out (safety film longer.)  With cold, cloudy days, it can take even longer, sometimes up to 60 days or longer with safety film.  So squeegee well & get the water out.

Good luck with your installation and remember to use a professional when you want a perfect job!

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