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Which Auto Tint Is Best For EV’s?

Electric vehicle sales have been growing year after year where EV’s represent over 90% of new car sales in Norway and about 40% of new car sales in China. That makes EV’s a very likely trend in new sales for North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. So which tint is best for EV’s? Ceramic Xtreme will reject more heat and keep occupants cooler in their EV’s. Ceramic Xtreme also blocks 99% of the harmful UV from passing through glass.

The next question, is which shade of tint is right for your EV? Ceramic Xtreme comes in shades from dark limo to virtually transparent clear. These shades include:

  • 5% dark limo
  • 18% dark film
  • 33% film – Texas & Florida front window legal
  • 42% film
  • 50% clear film
  • 70% clear film
  • 80% very clear film
  • 86% virtually transparent film

For tint shops, our roll size widths include: 60″, 40″, 36″, 24″ and 20″ rolls of film. We can cut rolls for eyebrows too.

TintDepot has the right ceramic car tint for your EV to keep it looking and feeling cool.

EV News Update

  • 30% of Norway’s passenger vehicles are now EV’s. Norway’s vehicle market will make for good market studies on how switching to electric vehicles impacts national markets that include: electric grid, EV charging stations, city pollution levels, fuel station adaption to electric charging and more.
  • Tesla is changing CyberTruck’s sales contract so that buyers can not resell EV for first twelve months. 
  • Tesla makes car wraps available for model 3 and model y. Cost to wrap teslas are around $5,000
  • Volvo is making electric trucks for Australian market
  • VW plans to introduce a $35,000 EV for the US market
  • Tesla will introduce a $25,000 EV for China, US and Europe where product will take place in GF Shanghai, Berlin & Texas. Which GF will produce Tesla model 2 first?
  • India is working with Tesla to introduce EV’s into Indian market
  • Hyundia is building a 200,000 EV plant in Georgia
  • Honda claims to be working on an electric scooter. The question is will Japan Car Inc move forward on actual EV’s? Or will they just submit drawings of future concept e-vehicles? Honda and Toyota are falling further and further behind in EV tech.
  • Rivian Commercial Van’s are now available for other companies to purchase besides Amazon, the Rivian RCV.
  • Jeep claims it will make Jeep EV’s in the next few years… Sounds like Japan’s statements.

EV updates were mostly taken off CleanTechnica and Electrek news sites.

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