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What Causes Fading & How To Reduce Fading?

Rule of thumb: We can help customers REDUCE fading, but we can’t stop 100% of the causes of fading.

All of TintDepo’s architectural films and automotive window films block 99% of UV rays and this is good.  To educate car owners and home owners, we need to understand the causes of fading.  Here is a list of what causes fading & the percentage importance of each one:

  • UV Light – 40%
  • Solar Heat 25%
  • Visible Light – 25%
  • Misc. 10% (quality of dye, artificial lighting, humidity)

Although TintDepot window films block out almost 100% of harmful and damaging ultraviolet, it is important to understand that no window film can totally prevent of stop fading. The good news is that TintDepot’s films can help reduce the following causes of fading

  • UV Light – TintDepot’s films block 99% of harmful UV = Net 39%
  • Solar Heat – Depending on which film is used, TintDepot’s Dual Reflective C 5%, Silver 5 & Silver 15 block 85%93%  of the solar heat = Net 23% 
  • Visible Light – Depending on the film, Tint Depot’s Dual Reflective 5% and Silver 5% stop 95% of the visible light = Net 24% 

When you add up all the causes of fading and what TintDepot’s Dual Reflect 5% will do to help reduce fading; the numbers add up:  39%+23%+24% = Net 86%. In simple terms, DR 5% can help reduce fading by 86% by blocking UV light, solar heat & visible light. Again, quality of dye products and other factors are always important to consider and can not be controlled.  Window films with UV rejection reduce fading.




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