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Tint Laws

Here is a question we get asked quite often: What are the tint laws in my state and what is the legal limit that I can apply to my car to comply with state law? Each state has their own set of requirements as to what is legal to put on your vehicle. As for instance here in Texas the legal limit must meet a VLT(visual light transmission)  of 25% or higher on the front driver and passenger side of the vehicle and no more than 25% reflectivity. Back driver and passenger side and rear window can be as dark as you want. Most people will ask if we have a 25% tint to put on their vehicle, problem is once film is applied to glass it will darken due to the UV inhibitors in the glass and most glass even though it appears clear has a slight tint to it already. So applying a 25% tint in texas would actually meter somewhere around 17 to 18% on glass and would then not meet Texas law. We always reccomend using a 35% film here in Texas to be safe which will come in somewhere around 27 to 28%. To find your state laws and what is the legal tint you can put on your vehicle I have attached a link for you to check out. It is always good to check your state laws just to make sure that what is listed is true and accurate because laws change all the time.

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