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Tint Keeps You Staying Cool In A Heat Wave

In the south, the long summer heat wave hasn’t stopped yet. Post Labor Day and Houston, TX is still breaking 102’F for the high with humidity.  That makes the body sweat all day long unless they can find relief from the blazing hot summer sun. Since we still have to continue with day-to-day activities; where can we find relief from the heat waves happening?

Make sure that your car and truck have Ceramic Xtreme tint on the windows to block the heat and let your air conditioner work effectively to get a cool breeze going inside your car. And add Dual Reflective Ceramic films to your home & office windows to block the heat from entering inside the building. This will allow your house’s HVAC system work more efficiently.  Home tint also reduces or eliminates hot spots in your house which is caused when the sun’s rays penetrate through glass windows and heat up everything that it touches (floors, furniture, pets, etc). Besides making your home & care cooler, window film reduces your electricity bills and blocks the dangerous ultraviolet rays (UV).

Find a shady spot whenever you’re outside such as a big tree or the shady side of the building (north side)

Arizona had a record heat wave in 2023 where temperatures stayed above 110′ F for 31 days straight in Phoenix. This dangerous, historic heat started blasting Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, & CA desert in June of this year and continue. How long with the summer of 2023 last where if feels like a furnace outside.

This summer heat blast will go down in history books as scorching hot, make sure you stay cool with our ceramic lines of car tint & home tint.


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