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Texas’ Brutal Tint Salesman Of The Year Is…

The Texas Tint Salesman Of The Year – 2023 has been announced, and the winner is the SUN!

With a blistering record setting 3-month scorching hot summer in Texas where it’s been above 100’F since early July, the Sun has helped all tint shops in Texas sell more car tint so that car owners can stay cooler.  There is no end in site to the summer heat were July has been hitting 100’F days every day. 10-day forecast is the same is the 10-day forecast from July 5, 2023.

The heat dome of Texas is causing the weather to stay scorching hot. A PSA for Texas residents, visit your local tint shop and get Ceramic heat beating film installed on your car, truck, home, office and anywhere else that you have windows to keep the sun out. The Texas heat wave is brutally hot.

Stop the brutal heat with TintDepot’s Ceramic Tint, Be cool.

In Texas Power News today, see that following energy alert!

TX Update: ERCOT, the Electrical Reliability Council Of Texas, has issued another Energy Emergency Alert 2 for the state due to low power reserves! There might not be enough energy supply for the energy demand in the state of Texas. It’s too hot out, another record scorching day is predicted above 100’F in Houston. Households are requested to conserve energy. Unplug unneeded electric items, don’t run the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer (huge energy hog), etc. Oh, and turn the temp up in your home & office to make it warmer inside.  ERCOT informed electricity users to “reduce electrical use and have a plan to stay safe in case of power outages become necessary.” Stay safe in 105′ temperature outside, how?

Texas Peeps, do ERCOT a favor & reduce a/c use by installing heat rejecting home tint on your house & office. Dual Reflective 5% can reject up to 82% of the heat from passing through your glass windows, thus saving you money on every electric bill and helping to do your part for ERCOT when there isn’t enough power for the TX grid. Win-win

What does Texas need to do to keep the electrical grid operating in summer heat waves? Here are some practical solutions that could quickly help the grid to “keep the lights on”:

    • Quickest options: Conserve Energy!
      • Install Heat Rejecting Window Film – Dual Reflective Ceramic 5 on offices, comes & commercial buildings – block the sun’s heat from passing through glass windows and add traditional insulation
      • Add reflective white coatings to rooftops on commercial buildings, warehouses, and homes
      • Add heat pumps (geo thermal heat pumps) for your a/c & heating needs
    • Rooftop solar power w/ energy storage
    • Energy storage – batteries: Powerpacks from Tesla for homes & offices, PowerPacks & MegaPacks for utilities. There’s a Tesla Gigafactory in Austin area, so TX needs the energy storage support
    • Develop MicroGrids w/ rooftop solar, agrivoltaics, PV, energy storage and small wind turbines
    • Deploy Offshore Gulf Wind Power – it will compliment west TX wind power
    • Deploy more onshore wind power
    • Invest in Geothermal Power. These can built at old power stations where the grid is already there to connect. TX claims to have drilling knowledge, so use that knowledge & lead the industry
    • Connect to the national grid to utilize US’s power

And the byproduct of all the above is cleaner air to breathe for TX kids and other TX peeps

Stay cooler with tint.

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