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Paint Protection Film Installation Tool Of the Month (PPF Tool) – The ProTek Pink Mini Squeegee

ProTek PPF Pink MINI Squeegee 1″ x 3″

SCF 316-30: The Pink MINI Squeegee is fast becoming a huge installer favorite. Excellent for either PPF installation or window tinting, this squeegee was designed with a sanded edge for clean, effortless gliding action across PPF and tint. You will no longer experience residual marks that occur with other squeegees when you use the ProtTek Mini.  Using the Pink Mini squeegee is one of the best ways to reliably extract installation solution from surfaces. Get your install today now: Mini PPF & Tint squeegee 1″ x 3″

Coming soon in PlotterDepot Blue and ProTek vibrant red, same squeegee, new colors. Look for these squeegees at the SEMA show in Las Vegas that runs from October 31 to November 3 (Tuesday through Friday.)

People that are not in the industry might wonder what all these squeegees are for.  Squeegees are used for various reasons: Clean the water off a car, The Detailers Squeegee Blade, remove water from between the car & the Paint Protection Film, remove a stubborn finger, remove a water pocket, get the film to adhere to an angle or around an edge, help stretch the film, dry out the film and much more. Keeping a squeegee in your car or truck is also useful to help remove early morning dew on your windows and can remove snow in a sleek fashion.

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