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PPF Full Body Tesla Wrap Of Paint Protection Film With FilmCut Patterns

PlotterDepot’s FilmCut plotter software has full body Tesla patterns to make you Paint Protection Film installation easier. PPF will protect your Tesla paint from rock chips, scratches, bird droppings and other hazards. There are over 65 Model Y PPF patterns for you to choose from the FilmCut library.  These patterns include some of the following:

  • Front bumper kit
  • Front bumper with six sensors kit
  • Tesla headlamp kit
  • Full hood kit with Tesla logo
  • Wrapped hood, mirrors & fenders
  • Screen trim option
  • 4 pc splash kit with sensors
  • Bumper
  • Back Tesla bumper with six sensors
  • Door panel – full or partial
  • Fender – wrapped
  • Full hatch, bottom, middle & top
  • Headlamps
  • Quarter panel full
  • Wheel splashes
  • Door handles
  • Door guards
  • and much, much more including Tesla PPF body kits

You can cut all these kits out using the FilmCut PPF software with the Workhorse2 plotter or a cutting machine that reads FilmCut software such as the EcoCut, Graphtec, Mimaki, Jaguar, and Roland plotters.

Tinters can also use their plotters and FilmCut software to cut tint patterns if they subscribe to both FilmCut modulars of PPF & auto tint. There are no long-term software commitments, just a month to month subscription fee that is only $99 for one modular or $165 for both tint & ppf.

Tesla recently announced that they were going to start offering vinyl wraps and PPFs from their local service centers in California. However, it will take some time before they can find qualified candidates to learn how to install ppf well.  It’s not easy and they might have problems keeping qualified installers. Also, they will probably charge a huge premium. Tesla knows that PPF is good for their vehicles, so learn how to install PPF at our upcoming November 2-day installation class on Nov 8 & 9 in Houston, Texas area. And in December PlotterDepot will offer a 2-day class in St. Louis, MO.

PlotterDepot has teamed up with TintDepot to offer the following

  • PPF installation classes – Nov in TX & Dec in STL
  • Tint installation class – Nov in Houston, TX
  • Workhorse2 plottter cutting machines
  • FilmCut pattern software
  • Premium high gloss PPF – 10 year warranty PPF – The best in it’s class
  • Tesla PPF kits
  • Vinyl film wrap
  • Door edge guard kits for a door defense program against door dings

Learn a new career or side gig to bring in good money by installing PPF and auto tint with your partners at PlotterDepot.





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