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Paint Protection Film PPF Installation Tools

Houston PPF 2-day training school starts this morning. Below is a list of some of the Paint Protection Tools that will be used by the installers that are taking class this week:

  • Tool Waist Pouch          SCF 265
  • Cutting Knife                 GT 1051
  • Carbon Blades Snap-Off    SCF 260 / GT 1052
  • PPF Squeegee: PD Blue or Pink ProTek    SCF 316
  • Green Turbo                 SCF 12 / GT 2053
  • Wipe Out Blade            SCF 332
  • Clay Bar                         SCF 227
  • Microfiber Towel         SCF 114
  • (2) Spray Bottles          GT 097 & GT 098 – One for installation solution & one for plain water
  • Detailer squeegee
  • Other:
    • J&J Baby Shampoo / Other Solutions
    • PPF Door Edge Guards for scratch defense of door
    • Paint Protection Film:
      • 60″ roll of Paint Protection Film
      • 36″ roll of PPF
      • WorkHorse 2 Plotter’s FilmCut Software Pattern PPF Cuts: mirrors, fenders, clear bra front hood, door side panels, bumper, headlights and more.

Various squeegees are used since there are different angles and surfaces that need to be squeegeed out along with various sizes of PPF.  One squeegee does not fit every need sometimes. For example, when preparing the car for installation, a detailer’s squeegee would be used to simply wipe the water off the car. The small PD Blue squeegee is good for mirrors, tight angles & small pieces of PPF to squeegee the water out that is between the car & PPF. A larger squeegee is more efficient when working larger pieces of paint protection films on the car such as a full hood and side panel.

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