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Never Too Late To Prepare For Hurricane Season With Safety Film

Hurricane Lee just became a hurricane 5 with sustained winds above 165 miles an hour.  That type of wind is very destructive. Homeowners living near the Atlantic & Gulf coasts need to always be prepared for bad storms.  Now is a good time to check how prepared you are and make plans if you don’t have them yet.

Shatter resistant window film gives you protection from flying debris during a storm. If your window breaks, safety film helps keep glass shards together and helps keep the envelop of your home and office intact. And the good news that once safety film is applied, it can work 24/7 even when you are out of town.

Other items that should be on your storm check list include:

  • Batteries
  • Battery / solar radio
  • Fresh water container – to have water for 7+ days. Keep a 5 gallon container available to fill up when a storm approaches
  • Food for 7+ days – PB, Frozen Bread, Oats are in my survival kit (plus other “beverages”)
  • Plan on where to go (in advance) & all family members know the plan
  • Fill up the gas tank / battery charge for EV’s a few days before storm approaches, gas lines get long
  • Have cash – electricity goes out & cc transactions can’t always go through
  • Fill up bathtub (to flush your toilet afterwards) and think about safe composting if things get really tough
  • Home battery & solar panels if your budget can afford that.
  • Large Ice Chest (fill up plastic bottles w/ water & freeze them in freezer.  Ice blocks will help your ice chest to stay cooler for longer)
  • Good water proof boots
  • Rain jackets
  • Keep important papers in one spot so you can easily stuff them in a travel bag if you have to leave: ID, cash, keys, medications, copy of home insurance, tel # of important contacts, etc.
  • If storm approaches, make sure your car is on high ground in case of flooding. Drive it around the corner to higher ground if you staying or put in a parking garage – high, safe level

Let’s hope that Hurricane Lee stays safety in the Atlantic and avoids the coastline.

Be prepared & stay safe during storms!

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