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Limo Tint – The Dark Window Film

When it comes to more privacy, Limo Tint is the standard request for some customers. The name “Limo” tint comes from the dark shade of windows found in many “limousines.” Limo Tint has 5% VLT (visible light transmittance) and can be difficult to see through at night.  Usually, limo tint will be installed on the back windshield where the sun blasts through during the day. Car tint installers and car owners need to check their local state laws before installing limo tint, because it it illegal in some states in the US.

An easier VLT to see through for a drivers window includes a 35% Non-reflective film which when applied to the car window will net around 28% VLT.

TintDepot offers a wide range of limo tint options that include:

  • Ceramic Xtreme 4%
  • Superior Charcoal 5%
  • High Performance Charcoal 5% (HP 5)
  • Carbon Shield 2% and Carbon Shield 5%
  • Ceramic IR 2% & Ceramic IR 5%
  • Ceramic IR Plus 5%
  • Stealth IR 5%
  • NR Standard 5%
  • Smoke 5%
  • Carbon 3% and Carbon 5%
  • Economy 1ply black 3% and 1-ply black 5%

Some customers request dark limo tint for commercial & residential use because they want more privacy. Always be careful about thermal stress when applying film to architectural glass.  A limo film absorbs heat because it is so dark. This can cause home windows to have more thermal stress and can crack if the glass has a flaw. We recommend a dark reflective film that will reject more heat than absorb such as a dual reflective 5%. Reject the heat first, then, get the privacy. Homes in CO and other mountain areas need to be extra careful about any film applied to houses since the high elevation increases the risk of glass breakage (thermal stress) & IG units.

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