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Hurricane Season: Shatter Resistant Window Film To Protect From Glass Debris

Another hurricane season brings risk from flying debris caused by wind gusts during the hurricane.  Flying debris can break glass and allow an entry point into your home and commercial building.  Safety film which is between 4 mil thick and 14 mil thick helps keep glass shards together should in break and help seal your buildings “envelope.” An attachment system such as a wet glaze like dow corning 995 should be applied around the film so that it attached to the window frame.

Depending on the type of resistance that a consumer wants, the minimum should be 7 mil, 8 mil, 11 mil, 12 mil or 14 mil thick safety film. The advantage of shatter resistant safety film is that it will work 24 / 7 to add some protection against broken glass. And all of these safety films from TintDepot stop 99% of the harmful UV rays.


“mil” = mil’s of an inch and “1 mil” equals 25 microns. An 8 mil safety window film is 200 microns thick and contains an extra thick safety adhesive.


Make sure you are prepared, make a list of what you need and keep an emergency kit that includes, water for 7 days, food for 7 days, medical kit, medication, cash, contact tel #s, copy of home insurance, copy of id’s, boots, ice chest, etc. Know where safe place to park car (if you stay) on highest ground possible. Floods happen quickly! And have tall waterproof boots so you can walk to it.

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