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Home Tint Plus Tesla PowerWall 3, A Great Match For Reliable Energy

As some power grids are becoming less and less reliable (talking to you Texas ERCOT), homeowners and business owners need a “Plan B” to keep cool and to keep the lights on during…

  • Cold Front in winter – gas pipes freeze at power plants in TX and cause statewide blackouts in 13’F temp
  • Texas Heat Dome – From July thru September… and counting. 102’F today in Houston, Texas in mid Sept
  • Hurricanes
  • 500 & 100 year floods (they have happened 4x in Houston in 3 years)
  • Too many peeps moving to Texas without enough buildouts in power supply
    • TX ERCOT, add more power supply with rooftop solar, Solar PV, offshore gulf wind power, energy storage, Telsa MegaPacks & PowerWalls, microgrids w/ energy storage, geothermal power and more TX west wind power w/ storage). The byproducts are cleaner air for Texas kids to breathe.

What can the homeowner & business owner do to keep the lights on in Texas and keep their businesses running?

  • Apply Heat Rejecting Commercial & Residential Window Film (Home Tint) like Dual Reflective 5%.
    • DR 5% blocks 84% of the heat from passing through your glass windows (TSER)
  • Add the new Tesla PowerWall 3 battery which will have 11kw of power available)
  • Add Rooftop solar panels – Make your own energy
  • Build out a community micro grid
  • Buy and EV that can connect to your house and bring energy back to your home in an emergency

Home Tint will reduce the amount of electricity that your home will need to run the a/c during the super hot long brutal summer heat. This enables your Telsa PowerWall 3 and your rooftop solar have enough energy to run your a/c unit, frig & other important electrical appliances. And you can charge your e-bike & EV with your solar panels.

TintDepot is waiting for and easy to use “plug & play” solar panel & energy storage system to buy.  We want to buy a few panels & energy storage and add to it as time goes buy.  Energy companies, contact us with a well designed affordable system and we’ll buy it. Solar panel prices of gone down 80% over the past decade, buy rooftop solar has barely gone down in price. When will a 10kw solar panel w/ battery storage be below $20,000 in the US?  Prices have fallen in Australia & the UK, but not the US; why is that?


Remember that home tint saves you energy use so that your home stays cooler as less heat passes through your windows. Other benefits of residential & commercial window film include: removes hot spots from the building, stops 99% of the harmful UV rays (less fading), more privacy from prying eyes, and enhances the look for your home & office.





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