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Glass With Window Film

What happens to the thermal properties of a window when heat rejecting film is installed?

Installing heat rejecting window film on a pane of glass can dramatically change how it reflects, transmits and absorbs solar energy. The degree of that change is determined by the construction characteristics of the window film you select. Window film can significantly reduce solar energy transmission by increasing reflection and absorption.  The right architectural window films effectively reduce the amount of solar energy transmitted through the glass and many versions of home tint and commercial film are almost undetectable once installed such as dual reflective 45%, Silver 50%, Silver 70% and Ceramic Xtreme 86%. Contact your professional window film installer to figure out which window film and tint is right for your home and office.

Architectural window film comes in the silver reflective series, lux series, Ceramic dual reflective series, ceramic clear series (virtually transparent films) decoguard series, safety film series and more. The roll sizes normally include 36 inch, 48 inch, 60 inch and 72″ width by one hundred feet long. A typical 60″ x 100′ roll has 500 square feet of film. Installing window film is an investment for your home and office where energy savings in summertime can be expected, depending on which film you choose.

Heat rejecting home tint is insulation for your windows.

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