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Getting Ready For Tint Season, Part 2 – Search Engines For Your Tint Shop

To recap, we are discussing getting your business ready for the new busy season of car tinting with the following items:

  1. Tint Shop Marketing Plan: Part A – Social Media
  2. Marketing Part B – Search Engines
  3. Inventory
  4. Tint Shop Staff

1- Marketing Plan, Part B – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The items that we will review under Search Engines include:

  • Business Website
  • Listing your business under “Google Business”
  • Listing your business under all of the other listing sites / apps.
  • Content

Business Website:

Have a nice looking website created.  Make sure the following can be found on every page of your website.

  • Your Telephone #
  • Your Address
  • Your Business Name
  • Car Tinting

You only have a few moments before a potential customer clicks out of your site.  So make sure they can find your contact information immediately.  We’ll talk about content on your website below.  Once you have your website, make sure that you list if under “Google Business” so that your location will show up when someone googles “Car Tint.”

The king of Search Engines is still Google, so you should work at making your Tint Shop or Tinting Services rank well in Google’s search engines in your city or town. You can either “Pay Per Click” or work on Organic Listings.  The way to get good organic listings is to talk about your services.  List out each service and then begin writing content on each one.  Some of the services in our industry include:

  • Car Tinting
  • Clear Bra, Paint Protection Films also known as PPF
  • Home Window Film with Energy Savings
  • Glass Protection
  • Auto Alarm Services
  • Audio
  • Detailing
  • UV Protection

Put a nice glossy picture on each page. Under the “contact us” page make sure that you have a picture of yourself, your family, an employee, or someone professional looking.  The best choice will be yourself.  People like to see visuals. But again, make sure your write about all the wonderful benefits of window film such as:

  • Our films will look amazing on your car and truck
  • Once you get tinted, it will keep you cooler all summer long
  • Our films stop harmful UV to help protect your skin
  • Our films will reduce fading
  • Our staff will help you pick the shade of film that is just right for you
  • Our films will reduce the glare to make driving more comfortable
  • We offer life time warranty films so you never have to worry again about getting tinted
  • Our premium ceramic films reject even more heat than standard dyed films to keep you even cooler during the hot summer
  • Get the privacy that you need
  • Amazing professional installation
  • Your experience
  • Free quotes, no hassle
  • The most friendly Tinter in Town!

It is recommended to write an original article of 300 to 500 words for each service that you offer.  Never copy & paste someone else’s information that you found on another site.  Google will know when you copy and paste and penalize you for it.  Thus, always write original content.  Don’t worry about perfect content today.  Get the main information out there, then you can go back and revise the content.  I’m sure that is what I will do here in case as I figure out a better way to word something (or discover some horrible “typo” which I just did & corrected it.)  New ideas will always pop up; so I can add them later.  If writing is not your skill set or you just plain hate it; find someone to write the article for you.  Give them the main points and ask for a 300 word article.  Then edit it.  Unfortunately, few people outside our funny little tint industry know how to write accurately about the window film industry.  We have learned from experience.  Again, edit the work for wrong grammar and spelling. Copy and paste your work in a word document and triple check the spelling!!!

Again, write about all the benefits of window film and the history of car tint shop business.  Make it feel local.  You are a member of the community and you will be here to service your local customers in the future.  If you have some great ideas about window film search engines that you want to share, send an email to us at  We are always looking for some good writers and looking for a few film stars that want to share their knowledge.  And if we use your stuff, we’ll compensate you with great tint & tools.

As per the “other search engines” does it even matter any more? Google is currently king.


Tint On!




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