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EV Update: Tesla Model 3 Highland Has Been Updated In Europe

It’s official, the Tesla Model 3 Highland has been updated in Europe with a new exterior design and many interior unexpected upgrades. Project Highland has been the name for Tesla 3 update.  The update has been anticipated for years and has finally happened. When will the Tesla 3 Highland be available in the United States?

When you get your new tesla Highland, make sure that you have PPF installed to protect your paint & ceramic xtreme window film installed on the glass to protect whatever you have inside your car.

Changes to the Model 3 Highland include:

  • New design with a new sleeker front end; it’s more aerodynamic
  • New Ultra Red Color Option
  • More efficient with a longer range: max range is 421 (a 12% improvement)
  • New wheel cover inserts (helps with range)
  • New rear backseat touchscreen to control air circulation, entertainment & lighting in back
  • Front seats are ventilated
  • Rear seats are cushier
  • Larger trunk in back… no updated info on the frunk (front trunk)

This is the first major refresh in 6 years. In the past, they claimed to update the models on an ongoing basis. Deliveries for the Highland begin in October in Europe.

In other Tesla news, it dropped the FSD cost by $3,000. It was $15,000 for full self driving software and is now $12,000. That’s a lot of jack for a system that is not ready from prime time yet.  It’s still in beta…

Telsa Energy is working on a few items (let’s hope that includes supporting the TX power grid).

  • Virtual Power Company using homeowners Tesla PowerWalls & rooftop solar
  • PowerWall 3 energy storage battery
  • MegaPack’s Mega Factories: CA, TX, Berlin, AZ & China
    • By directional EV w/ CyberTruck? This is more of a wish
  • SuperCharger Network is growing and letting non teslas charge. There are over 50,000 Tesla SuperChargers.
    • New contract with Hilton Hotels to add 20,000 wall connections (chargers), at 2,000 Hilton hotels

Worldwide, EV sales make up 15% of the vehicle market.

What other EV companies are the ones to watch to break out?

  • China Inc – EV – July 2023 plugin EV market share was 38% of vehicles sold. This is huge!
    • BYD from China is growing fast
    • Geely Group: Volvo, Polestar, Smart, Lotus, Proton, Lynk, Zeekr, Geometry, London Electric Vehicle (LEVC)
      • Volvo plans to be 100% EV by 2030 and will launch a new EV model every year moving forward.
        • By 2025, Volvo wants half of their production of 1,200,000 vehicles to be EV’s
  • VinFast from Vietnam is making waves in the industry
  • VW is pumping out different models & frames. There’s the ID3, ID4, ID5…
  • Ford & GM… they are big on plans, short of actual deliveries
  • Japan Inc? Toyota & Honda, you’re going to be 10 years behind tech wise and lose huge market share.
  • GreenWorks – Yes, the yard tool company with electric power tools is filling in a market nitch / need using the same battery tech for electric micromobility vehicles like e-bikes, scooters, UTV, 3 wheelers, go carts, and more.
  • Which car company will be the first to mass produce and EV with solar panels?

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