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Deco Guard Window Film Showcase: Clear Frost & White Matte Tint

If you need privacy, you need to check out decorative films.  The Clear Frost film gives you privacy where only a silhouette appears and lets in diffused light. Clear Frost tint is also known as White Matte and White Frost.  These films are used by many window film installers. Some of the uses for Clear Frost film includes:

  • Bathroom windows – stops people from being able to see inside
  • Shower doors – gives a bit more privacy
  • French Panes
  • Conference rooms in offices
  • Office windows
  • Back window doors – add a strip of clear frost in the middle to add middle privacy from neighbors

And there is no long term commitment when you add white matte and clear frost films.  If you want to change it up, just have the film removed and try something different.  Other decorative films include:

  • White Out – Complete privacy
  • Black Out – Complete privacy and stops the light
  • Limo Tint – Dark
  • Sparkling Frost
  • Reflective Mirror Tint (Silver 5%)

Residential decorative films will enhance the look of your home and offer privacy when wanted.




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