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Glass Aid Cut Strips & Clay Bar

Window Tinting Tools

Clay Bar

Prep your glass in a professional manner with the Glass Aid Clay Bar. This versatile piece of equipment helps you remove embedded contaminants and tiny specs of dirt for a truly clean, debris-free surface. When you take window prepping seriously and use a clay bar, your results become much more impressive.

You’ll find that this clay bar is especially effective when cleaning around defrost lines. The Glass Aid Clay Bar comes with a reusable plastic case, which means your new clay bar will last for ages. If you’re looking for a gentle, effective window prepping solution, a clay bar is your best bet.

Cut Strip ( 100ft Roll)

The Glass Aid Cut Strip ensures clean, straight window tinting cuts. After you’ve finished using the clay bar to prep the glass, the cut strip helps you move onto the next step in a neat, organized manner. By creating a clear margin around the glass, your cuts will be extremely accurate. When you use both the clay bar and the cut strip together, you’re left with a professional-quality finished product and a tinting job your customers will love.

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