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Micro Squeegee Kit – Molding Tucking Tool

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Product Detail

blue – soft
red – medium-hard
black -hard

This three-in-one combo kit is ideal for tight situations where regular squeegees just won’t cut it. Using these molding tuck tools, you can handle extremely small details and corrugations with ease. Feel confident that you can create a professional, clean finished job with your next vinyl windows. 


The black tool is the hardest option in the kit, and this material excels with tight, narrow corrugations. Despite its hardness, these tools won’t damage the film or the glass. The red tool provides you with a versatile middle ground, and it is ideal for handling narrow curves, logo emblem, and similar areas. The blue tool is the softest choice, and you can use this option to tint concaves, the grille, headlights, and weather seals. Grab your Molding Tuck Tool Kit today and experience the added quality of precision.

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