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HITEK – Advanced Paint Protection Film

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Product Detail

Offer a new service to your window services with this incredible PPF, and keep their cars looking brand new for years to come. A solid choice for anyone who wants to protect that snazzy new custom paint job, PPF also helps protect cars that are fresh off the factory floor. Many tinters have found that by offering PPF services during the slow months, they can keep cash flow and profits high all year round.

Soft to stretch, this PPF is a great choice for beginners who want to try out PPF for the first time. Repositionable PSA and strong overall adhesivity allow you to achieve perfect results with confidence. Along with excellent durability, this layer of armor boasts hydrophobic qualities, repelling stains and moisture with ease.

How does the self-healing system work? Simple. Just park it at room temperature, and this PPF will literally start to absorb minor scuffs and blemishes, smoothing down all the surfaces for a seamless finish. HITEK has been developed and fine-tuned over many years. After constant improvements, it is now an industry-leading, state-of-the-art paint protection solution.

If the unrivaled functionality of this PPF isn’t enough to convince, you consider the aesthetic features. A gorgeous high-gloss finish can add serious appeal to any vehicle, and it matches factory paint like a dream. Choose from stunning shade options like Cool White, Midnight Black, and Natural Shield. Whether you’re trying to protect vehicles, attract plenty of attention, or both, HITEK PPF is your go-to solution.

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