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BODYFENCE – Paint Protection Film

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Product Detail

BODYFENCE Paint Protection Film is what happens when years of research and innovation culminate in a streamlined, efficient product that your customers will love. HEXIS R&D is one of the leading names in the window tinting industry, and they’ve worked tirelessly to create a truly advanced paint protection film.

Exposure to heat or sunlight causes the film to exhibit self-healing properties, dealing with blemishes without anyone having to lift a finger. An anti-adherent coating ensures that dirt and debris roll right off the film, so your clients can keep their cars looking fresh for longer. Installation is easy, and its highly transparent nature will not affect the car’s appearance.

Paint Protection Film Comparison

BODYFENCE is a transparent adhesive-coated film, specially developed for protecting car
bodywork. Its excellent shock-absorbing properties protect your bodywork against chips caused
by stones, insects, car doors, washing brushes, etc. Improved surface sliding. Glossy surface finish.


Thickness (µm): 150

Tensile strength (N/25 mm): > 100
Elongation at break (%): > 350
Shrinkage 168 hours at 70 °C (158 °F) (mm): < 0.2


  • Silicone-coated PET liner.


(Measured average values at publication of the technical data sheet)
Average value Standard

  • Peel strength test 180° (N/25 mm):
    after 20 minutes of application: 19
    after 24 hours of application: 21
  • Initial tack (N/25 mm): 12
  • Release (N/25 mm): 0.2


  • Solvent-based acrylic adhesive.
  • Immediate and permanent adhesion, optimal after 24 hours of contact.


  • The BODYFENCE film is intended for vehicle car body protection. It can also serve as
    protection system for full wrap films (HX20000, non-structured HX30000 and
    HX30SCH00) used for smooth and basic full wraps without embellishment.
    The application of BODYFENCE to full wrap films is at the customer’s judgement. HEXIS recommend the
    use of pre-cut BODYFENCE for this particular application. As the adhesion of BODYFENCE is permanent,
    its removal from a full wrap film can damage the latter. HEXIS decline any responsibility in the case of
    deterioration of a full wrap film caused by the application and removal of BODYFENCE.
  • Recommended minimum application temperature +10 °C (+50 °F). Apply preferably
    between +15 °C and +35 °C (59 °F to 95 °F).
  •  Operating temperature range: -40 °C to +90 °C (-40 °F to +194 °F).
  • Cut the film to the size of the part to be wrapped, allowing +10 cm (4 in.) of extra margin.
    The remaining film must be stored on its original core (do not cut the rolls into several lengths or widths,
    do not repackage the product); the roll must be closed immediately and properly (tape or roll-collars) after
    use in order to preserve all its qualities.
  •  Apply wet.
  • Apply to a surface that is clean and free from any traces of contaminants (dust, grease, wax,
    silicone, etc.).
    Particular care must be taken to clean the angles and periphery of the application surfaces so as to allow
    the film to adhere properly to the surface.
  • In the case of an already painted substrate, self-adhesive media must only be applied to
    undamaged original paintwork. If the paintwork is not original and/or damaged, the
    application and the removal are at the judgement and risk of the installer.


  • Conformable product developed for protecting painted bodywork, underbody, bumpers and
    the shells of rear-view mirrors against chips caused by stones, insects.
  •  Excellent protection against vandalism (key scratches).
  •  The improved surface sliding of the BODYFENCE film enables you to reduce squeegee
    friction during application, but also to facilitate the film cleaning.
  •  To facilitate application, HEXIS has several types of squeegees in its range of accessories,
    ranging from softer to harder (plastic or felt).
  •  For more information on the application method of BODYFENCE, please refer to the
    Application Guide on the “Professionals” pages, category “Solar and safety films” on our site


  • Shelf life (before application):
    The shelf life of this film is 1 year when stored upright in its original packaging in a dust-free
    environment at a temperature ranging from +15 °C to +25 °C (+59 °F to +77 °F) with
    relative humidity of 50 %.


  •  Lifetime depends on the type of substrate, substrate preparation, exposure conditions and
    nature and frequency of the cleaning.
    For instance, it is estimated that south-facing exposure will divide the durability by two. The same
    applies to horizontal exposure. In addition, an elevated temperature (above +50 °C) (+122 °F) or
    pollution significantly reduces this durability.
  • Vertical exposure, North Central European climate:
    Up to 7 years (under normal road use conditions).

Applied to a full wrap film with a durability of less than 7 years, BODYFENCE will increase the durability
against yellowing and cracking of the full wrap film by up to 1 year (within the limit of the BODYFENCE


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