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Ceramic Dual Reflective

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Dual Reflective 5%, 15%, 25%, 35%, 45% (Warranty: Residential- Lifetime. Commercial – 10 years)

Reflective on the outside, non-reflective on the inside. Dry adhesive.

This film has a Dry Adhesive. “Ultra Clear Dry Adhesive” is a chemical adhesive and is activated with slip solution during the installation process. This makes for easier installation for commercial & home windows.


Even at night, you can enjoy beautiful views from your windows with this Dual Reflective film because it’s specifically designed to reduce reflectivity from inside. In addition, this beautiful film provides high levels of solar heat rejection. Dual reflective films have different reflectivity levels on the interior and exterior layers. These films contain a highly reflective outer layer for superior solar performance and a minimally reflective inner layer for better visual clarity.


The lower the Shade, the darker (more reflective) the film.

5% Dark(reflective)
15% Dark(reflective)
35% Medium(less reflective)
45% Light(not very reflective)

Note: The “One-way mirror effect,” or “so you can see out, but nobody can see in,” is all about the “lighting.”  Window film on glass works much like regular glass. During the day when the light is shining outside; one can see out and it is hard for outsiders to see inside. At night when lights are on inside, one cannot see out but outside, people can see into the home or building.

The best solution is to install a light outside the shines onto the glass and to install a reflective film, Silver 5% or 15% along with a second layer of non-reflective/automotive film 5% on top of the reflective layer.  {The lower the #, darker (more reflective) the film.  


  • Dual-Reflective 5%
    • Reflects 88% of total solar energy.
    • Reduces glare up to 95%
    • DR5 (a three-ply dual reflective film)
    • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays


  • Dual-Reflective 15%
    • Reflects 77% of total solar energy.
    • Reduces glare up to 82%
    • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays


  • Dual-Reflective 25%
    • Reflects 72% of total solar energy.
    • Reduces glare up 72%
    • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays


  • Dual-Reflective 35%


Dual Reflective 5% 15% 25% 35% 45%
Solar Energy Transmittance 7% 13% 19% 29% 36%
Solar Energy Absorbance 39% 43% 45% 47% 50%
Solar Energy Reflectance 54% 44% 36% 24% 14%
Visible Light Transmittance 7% 15% 23% 35% 45%
Shading Coefficient 0.20 0.29 0.36 0.48 0.57
UV Rejection 99% 99% 99% 99% 99%
TSER(Total Solar Energy Reflectance) 82% 75% 69% 58% 50%
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