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Cherry Speed Wing (SOFT) – GT2077

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Product Detail

If you’re looking for a little more versatility, reach for a Speed Wing. Unlike many hard cards, the Speed Wing features ‘wings’ that’ll help you get into all kinds of awkward and hard-to-reach spots. With both a curved edge and a flat edge, you can choose the side of the tool that is best suited for the job at hand. 

Made from specially-designed materials that can slide across most film surfaces with ease, the Speed Wing offers great rigidity for greater control and precision. With this handy tool, you can remove moisture and trapped air in seconds. The Cherry Speed Wing is the softest option in terms of rigidity, which means it’s a great option if you’re trying not to scratch surfaces. These softer squeegees are also ideal for use in cooler weather, or if you need a flexible tool that will conform better to uneven glass. 

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