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ProLock Extension Cable

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Product Detail

A Must-Have Product for Tinting, Wrapping and Detailing

ProLock Extension Cable

  • Keep power running to your window tinting power tools with the reliability of a ProLock Extension cable. This system automatically locks your extension cables into place, and a quick-release system allows you to easily disconnect when needed.

12/3 AWG (American Wire Gauge) 
• 64 strands of 30 AWG 100% copper wire per connector.
ProLock connector keeps cords from pulling apart and releases by pulling the collar down
•Automatic locking feature: insert male end into our Pro Lock™ connector,
push together to lock & pull the collar down to unlock.
• Extra heavy-duty High impact polycarbonate housing & collar
• Pull Strength: 80 Lbs. horizontally or vertically.
• Lighted Amber Power Check plug indicates if there is power running
through the cable.
• Green-lit CGM connector signifies ground continuity in
the circuit.
•  -58°F (-50°C) special cold weather  resistant PVC jacket

•Prevents Separation Anxiety

pro lock extension cable
pro lock extension cable

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