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If you provide a lot of PPF services, you need to check out the PPF Hornet Paddle Squeegee. Featuring a dual durometer, this tool gives you all the versatility you need when tackling a wide range of PPF applications. The black side features a durometer rating of 80, giving you a little more hardness, while the yellow side has a durometer rating of 70 — perfect for those contoured surfaces. Get a feel for which side is appropriate and flip it in your hand quickly and easily — without having to reach for another tool. The red central layer provides a strong spine to support both edges. Designed specifically for use with PPF, this tool won’t let you down. 


This set comes with a total of 12 different Hornet Paddle Squeegees, including 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch sizes. This gives you everything you need to tackle a wide range of different surfaces. 

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