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10 Piece Essentials Tool Kit

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Product Detail

This kit is a great starting point for any new tinter. Alternatively, it could be a smart addition for a tinting company that is adding new employees. With a wide range of different tools, this kit will help you approach your next tinting job in a professional, organized manner. It contains a flexible, ergonomic tool belt, a pair of soft tinting globes, a special Exacto knife for cutting film, and a range of hard cards and squeegees.

This kit contains several triangular squeegees to help you get into those hard-to-reach spots, and you’ll also find a white hard card that can handle a range of different applications. In addition, there’s a plastic razor blade holder that should give you plenty of help as you tackle your tinting jobs. Finally, the green corner squeegee should make wrapping narrow areas a breeze.

**Out of Stock Tools will be replaced with similar tools of equal value**

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