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How to tint your back window

Basic Installation Techniques

Thoroughly clean the back window with soap and water to remove all the dirt. Then, take a fabric softener sheet and clean once more like you see in the video.

Take a fabric softener sheet and wipe across the window to make a cross.

Roll out the film onto the back window.

Take a hard card and squeegee the film along the cross.

Remove the excess film

Take a heat gun and heat shrink the film from the center outwards.

Trim the film along the dot matrix pattern

Remove the excess film.

Make sure to completely shrink the film without leaving fingers behind.

Thoroughly clean the inside of the window with a scrub pad and squeegee.

Spray your back window with mounting solutions. We prefer Fusion All-Type mounting solution.(this last line is not important)

Remove window film liner while spraying film with mounting solution.
Cary the film into the car.

Place film on the inside of the back window and slide into place.
Spray down completely

Use the bulldozer squeegee to squeegee the bottom of the film.

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