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KDX – Paint Protection Film Kit – Invisible Automotive Coat

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Tint Depot and KDX would like to Introduce an ‘Industry first’ paint protection film with a new self-healing technology. You can run a wire brush across the film then stand back to watch the scratches disappear. The coating on the surface of this film is equipped with an oil resistant self-healing layer that also protects your car from UV radiation, erosion, pollution, bird droppings, tar, small rocks, and other small road debris. Also, this film is made to be ultra bright and can enhance the definition of your car all while preserving the glossiness and luster of the paint. This film comes with a 5-year warranty and will not turn yellow or change color during the warranty period. You can add this awesome paint preserving invisible automotive coat to your front bumper, engine hood, front fender, back mirror, running boards, door handle, and rear bumper. Tint Depot is the only place you can find this product. Place your order today.