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Ceramic Sky – Windshield Film (70,80)

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Introducing Ceramic Sky 70 & 80.
The Ceramic Sky 70 is a clear high quality, ceramic film with a slightly bluish hue. This beautiful film comes in a 70% shade and blocks a lot of heat(TSER:41%).
This is a great product to add to your inventory to help you increase your revenue. Let all of your customers know that they can significantly reduce the amount of heat that enters the car and protect their skin from harmful solar energy with the new Ceramic Sky 70.

VLR : 9%
UV Rejected : >99%
TSER: 41%
Thickness : 2 Mil
Warranty : Lifetime

UVR – >99
TSER – 44%
Thickness – 2 Mil
Warranty – Lifetime

Color Hue: Cool Grey / Light Blue

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