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Carbon Shield Starter Pack (Film & Tools)

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Product Detail

Grab everything you need to install our popular Carbon Shield film with this extensive kit. Instead of buying each of these items separately, choose this bundle to simplify your ordering process and save money! This kit includes three rolls of Carbon Shield film (two – 24″ x 100ft rolls and one – 36″ x 100ft roll), and your selection of our four most popular shades (5%, 15%, 20%, 30%) . This color-stable film features excellent heat-rejection properties, solid adhesive, and shrinks like a charm.

This kit also contains an extensive list of high-quality tools, including:

Red Dozer Paddle Squeegee
Microfiber Towels
Stroke Swiper
Carbon Blades
WIPEOUT Squeegee
Tinting Knife
Scraper Tool
Tinting Tool Belt
Mounting Solution
Hard Cards
Felt Squeegee
And More!

This kit is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to start up a tinting business for the first time, as it allows you to get started right away with all the equipment you could possibly need. This kit is also a great solution for established tinting shops looking to upgrade their existing equipment, expand, or provide new employees with reliable tools. Grab your kit today and save big.

Carbon Shield  24″ x 100′  $187
Carbon Shield  24″ x 100′  $187
Carbon Shield  36″ x 100′  $235

—————-Tool Kit —————

Red Dozer

Red Dozer – Paddle Squeegee – (SCF-348)


Dash Microfiber Towel

Dash Microfiber Towel – 2ft x 5ft – (SCF-116)


Stroke Swiper

Stroke Swiper – Neon Blade – (SCF 243-Y)


I-Beam Handle

Short I- Beam Handle (Green) – (SCF-182S)


Sliver Corner Reach Squeegee

Sliver Corner Reach Squeegee( SCF-99S)


Push Stick

SCF-27 Red Push Stick


10 Pack Carbon Blades 60°

10 Pack Carbon Blades 60° (SCF 288)


Quick slide – Yellow Blade

Quick Slide – Yellow Blade (SCF-298-Y)


Wipeout Squeegee Blade

WIPEOUT Auto Tint Squeegee (Bevelled)(SCF-332B)


Window Tint Knife

Tinting Knife (SCF-46)


Double-Sided Velvet Rope

Double Sided Velvet Towel – (SCF-295)


1.5″ Razor Scraper Tool

1.5″ Razor Scraper Tool (SCF-89 )


Stroke squeegee

Stroke Squeegee (SCF-162)


Window Tinting Apron

SCF-96 Window Tinting Apron/ High Quality Tool Belt


The Shank

Shank (SCF-97)


Mounting Solution

Fusion All Type Mounting Solution – Super Concentrate


Single Edge Blades

Single Edge Blades – 100 Pack (GT140)


Turbo green soft squeegee 5.5

Turbo Green – Soft – 5.5in (SCF-45)


Blade Snap Off Container



Green Hard Card – Ultra Soft

Green Hard Card – Ultra Soft (SCF-18U)


White Hard Card

White Hard Card (SCF-18W)


Black hard card

Black Hard Card (SCF-18H)


Red hard card

Red Hard Card – (SCF-18R)


Blue hard card

Blue Hard Card – (SCF-18B)


Gold hard card

Gold Hard Card – (SCF-18G)


Small Squeegee (SCF-14)

Small Squeegee (SCF-14)


White Scrub Pad

(GT085) – WHITE SCRUB 6 x 9


TintDepot Felt Card

TintDepot Felt Squeegee


**Out of Stock Tools will be replaced with similar tools of equal value**


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